Wednesday, 25 March 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Taxi Booking App

A lot of people in Singapore take taxis to work, tourist destinations and other places. Due to this, the taxi business in Singapore is always flourishing. With technological advancements, many taxi businesses have started using mobile applications to move past the competition, and make everything more convenient for customers. If you have been trying to develop a taxi booking app, you may commit some common mistakes. In this post, we have discussed some of these mistakes, and what you should do to avoid them.

In the last few years, the mobile application industry has substantially expanded. Programmers keep developing many different kinds of application to satisfy consumer needs and give businesses an edge. However, there are many businesses that find their apps are not taking off as expected. As mentioned earlier, the failure of a taxi booking app can be attributed to numerous mistakes in the developing stages. Here is a glimpse of some common mistakes that a programmer or developer needs to avoid to build an exceptional taxi app.


Building for Multiple Platforms Simultaneously 
There are millions of mobile applications in different application stores, such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows App Store. Due to this, there is a lot of increasing competition in the market. Therefore, most developers have been turning to making their applications for multiple platforms. Though it seems like a good solution, it only increases your engineering costs. In addition to this, you also need to incur additional cost when you need to make changes to all the platforms. Thus, it is better to launch the mobile application on a single platform, and after some time, you can consider launching the application on other platforms. 

Using Bloated Apps 
Once you have chosen a particular platform, you need to make sure the mobile application has a set of innovative features. They should act as your Minimum Viable Product or MVP. The median version of the application should prove that the reasoning of the application is working. You should also check if the market and customers are ready to adopt these features. You should never rush into developing a mobile application. It only results into a buggy or slow application. In the initial stages, you should discuss everything with the programmer or developer about your needs, requirements and expectations. This makes sure the programmer develops an app that meets your expectations. 

Skimming on UX or User Experience 
While developing a taxi booking app, it’s important to invest a lot of time and resources to develop an exceptional user interface. The interface of the mobile application should be self explanatory and simple. Your customers should immediately know how to use the application. According to studies, around 26% mobile applications are opened just once by customers since they are very complex or complicated to use. Thus, it’s extremely important to include something special in your mobile application. It should amaze your users when they launch the app. 

Not Focusing on Analytics 
It’s worth mentioning that most websites use a wide range of analytics tools to monitor growth and functioning. The most effective and common tool is Google Analytics. A lot of application developers don’t incorporate analytics. This is a major mistake, and leads to a lot of problems. Analytics can help improve your application in terms of content, design and user experience. Therefore, it’s extremely important to use them from the beginning and throughout different development stages. You can use analytics to measure following metrics associated with your application :

● Retention Rate
● Daily Active Users
● Engagement
● App Crashes
             ● Average Time Spent Within App    

Mismanaging Your Project
These days, many developers have innovative ideas related to mobile applications, especially taxi booking apps. However, many developers don’t have proper management experience. In this case, it’s important to hire a professional, experienced and reputed application development company. A professional company helps you transform your innovative ideas to exceptional applications that function property and give desired results. In addition to this, a professional company also has the right kind of experience in application development, and helps in app documentation, such as product specification document. Though you may have to spend a bit more, every penny you spend on a reputed company will be worth it.

Ignoring Monetization 
A lot of developers try to deceive themselves by thinking that once the apps are built, people will just come and pay for the services. It’s important to understand that the most popular and downloaded applications are often free. Thus, you need to think hard how to earn a good amount of money from your app. Misconceptions and myths play an important role in helping you think about monetization. Some of the effective measures you can take include :

● A big corporation would buy your taxi app
● The application will be supported by ads
● Users may pay for add-on services
● Bookings from the app will help you earn

While developing a mobile application, you should never ignore monetization. When it comes to a taxi booking app, the primary earning medium will be to earn through bookings. However, you can still put up ads of related services to earn more. 

Marketing After Submitting Your Application 
When you’re developing an application in the competitive environment, it’s important to start marketing early. In the first few weeks, you should contact a few media houses to market the application. For instance, you can send some emails to an associated blog about public transportation. You should keep the emails short, and include only important details. You should also include some screenshots to make sure the blogger gets a clear idea about your application. The blogger should be enticed to know more about your app and get in touch with you. 

It’s worth mentioning that developing a taxi booking app can be quite time consuming and tedious. It may take some time before your application gets popular and starts giving returns. Therefore, you should avoid the mistakes discussed in this post, and use the tips mentioned to achieve desired results. Most importantly, you should hire a professional app development company to develop your app.

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