Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pros and Cons on Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development has greatly advanced in the recent years. It is a dynamic industry with a noted increase in job creation and revenue for all countries of the world. Mobile App development is basically a process by which software is created for handheld devices. This software can be installed in PDAs and mobile devices. Some application software is installed by the manufacturers and therefore there is no need for the device user to download it. Mobile applications have gained popularity due to the widespread use of smartphones and mobile digital devices. Most internet access activity is carried out in these devices and therefore a lot of businesses have considered mobile Application development to attract more users from this platform.


The Pros of Mobile App Development
Developing a mobile application will allow business to reach a wider range of people who do not own larger machines or have network access on their computers. This is important for reaching out to people outside the cities who are unlikely to visit a cyber shop to access the Internet. Mobile users are also more likely to check the application more frequently and stay on longer than those using other interfaces. Use of mobile apps gives a business an edge by giving the appearance of being more advanced than its competitors. Consumers are more likely to respond to a technologically savvy business.

Applications are much faster than regular web pages in responding especially when internet service is not at its peak. Slow loading pages frustrate people and that may cost a company new clients. When an app is developed with efficiency, it will not work the same as a web page. Some applications will allow access of some data when offline such as gallery images from previous sessions or the blog posts. Applications are highly accessible with the technological advances. All Operating Systems on mobile devices have an application store where new apps are accessible easily. Apps generate great amounts of user information such as locations which can be used to create target markets. Finally, they are more cost effective. Apps are great marketing tools that offer a great deal of advantages over traditional ways such as billboards along the streets.

Cons of Mobile App Development

Mobile applications might require tweaks to be compatible to each Operating System. This makes it costly and time consuming for the developers. Unlike general websites, it is in the expectations of the application user to have new material often. For instance, if it is a clothing store, the app user will expect new photographs of fresh items every time they log in to the app. While it may seem unrealistic to the personnel managing the app, the general expectations for any mobile app are the same as with a social networking sites. Apps usually require frequent updating and hands-on monitoring. To keep users interested, regular enhancement of features is required which is not only costly but requires a lot of effort to be input.

Why Businesses Choose to Develop Mobile Applications
Mobile applications offer rare opportunities to businesses and enable them to widen their reach and enhance their services. With a great strategy, mobile devices will offer much more than high-power computers can in terms of strengthening the customer base. With applications, one can be able to engage the customer more intimately. It allows the company to personalize the customer’s experience by use of interactive features and use of cookies with greater efficiency. Customer support can become simpler in operation and run smoother. An application with proper tools will allow the customer to seek help and receive response in real-time with greater efficiency.

Companies selling products online are likely to benefit from use of applications and may note an increase in sales. Mobile devices have a versatility that is not in laptops and desktops. People are more likely to consider buying something on a phone application than on the normal web’. Finally, companies can take advantage of the enhanced devices that allow location viewing. This can enhance the relationship between the company and the client by having personalized notifications of the newest offers in a particular location or of newly arriving merchandise.
With the above one is able to know what to look for mobile applications.


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