Saturday, 15 October 2016

Everything You Need To Know About App Building For SME

Now more than ever most business are making themselves smart phone friendly and taping into the world of app development to further promote their products. If done correctly the rewards can be lucrative.

Building an app for your business takes a lot of planning and consideration, as well as a strong creative team with lots of fresh ideas and a unique vision. The team has to create an innovative user-friendly app, with consistently increasing download rate, therefore generating more and more clients and making people aware of the product. Any business thinking of doing that successfully needs to have a solid and structure app development plan to make sure they reap the rewards.

· Firstly, you need to know why you want to create an app and what purpose it would serve. Will it offer a solution or do you want to tap into a particular niche service or product? If you want to attract and maintain your user base your app must have a functional purpose. With so many apps on offer people simply don’t have time for useless apps, so this is the first and major question you need to answer.

· Secondly – who are your target audience? As an SME it is absolutely essential to know who your target audience are and point your advertising and marketing budgets targeting the right people. This will save you a lot of time and money and moreover it will give you a clearer idea of what type of app you need to develop.

· Depending on what time of business you are, a well-developed intuitive app can provide users with information.
 Then they can make payments quickly and easily and will allow your business to be noticed and stay competitive in the era of the digital.

· Good apps engage users and keep their interest for much longer than a banner or a TV ad.
When the user interacts with the app they are already invested and if you keep their attention for longer than seven seconds they are 78% more likely to covert to a regular customer.

· With the consistent rise of social media consumers want to engage with brands and services they require on a day-to-day basis, they want to save time and use it more efficiently with the use of mobile apps.
For example, there’s been a huge increase in fin tech apps such as mobile payments and payment sharing – it saves time, it has a clear purpose, therefore the user will return again and again. 

· For a small business it is a lot more beneficial to make a one off investment into app development, especially if you’re working with bookings, online payments etc and save yourself time and money by reducing the numbers of staff you would have needed to take orders and process payments otherwise.
One simple algorithm and you make the users and you life easier simply by eliminating the middleman. The user literally has your service at their fingertips. 

· Small, and you can go as far as local size businesses need apps to be able to reach their customers 24/7. 

· To maintain a well functioning app you must listen to your customer feed back and take every point into account.
A good user experience is what keeps the customer coming back again and again. 

· Make sure you app is unique and simple.
No one wants to spend ages figuring out how to use an app – a mobile app is there to make our lives easier, not the other way around. If the user has to spend more than three minutes figuring out how to use an app, they most likely won’t return, as they will see it as a waste of time. Keep it simple and clean cut.

· Mobile apps are a great form of marketing your business.
if an average person has around 30 apps installed on their device you are only competing with 30 other apps. Imagine how competitive all the other marketing fields are such as banners or TV ads?

· If your business has anything to do with sales or products tap into the market of mobile payments.
They are simply the next big thing. Mobile payments is what everyone wants and needs to make their lives easier – if you can make your users life easier they will remain a loyal customer.

· To make sure your app works properly and reaches the correct audience create a beta version and test it on friends and family.
The last thing you want is a malfunctioning app going out into the world – that is simply setting yourself up for failure before you even began the race. 

· Pricing your app correctly is a major point.
The majority of apps which serve a purpose and not designed purely for entertainment are free. You create revenue through ads, commission from payments and user purchases. 

· Your business can benefit from a strategically developed app in a variety of ways from earning extra cash from ads and in-app purchases to reaching new audiences and promoting your products and services.
Although your app will serve a purpose to the end user, it is a great way of not in your face advertising of your product and a constant reminder to the user that you exist.  

· Having your company on your customers phone and making yourself known through push or sms notifications can quickly put you ahead of competition and build a strong and loyal customer base.

· You app must focus on solving either personal or business problems for the end user.
Apps that can solve business problems will allow their users to accomplish more in less time, use their resources more efficiently and present a much more professional image to its customers. 

· To create a truly unique and user friendly you must invest into a good developer who listens to your needs, answers all your questions and has ideas and vision about how the app will operate.
Furthermore, you app must work on different platforms – IOS, Android, iPad as well as desktops. When hiring a developer make sure you ask for a mobile first app – they will know what you mean, and if not, find a new developer. 

Monday, 26 September 2016

8 Tips On Mobile Marketing

A quick survey shows that virtually everyone living in Singapore carries a smartphone. In fact, nowadays, even school going kids have their own mobile communication gadgets! One of the latest research shows that there are over 4 million unique mobile users in Singapore. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand that customers are increasing using their mobile gadgets/devices to connect to businesses of all kinds, sizes, and shapes. That means, if you optimize your mobile website and present your products for sale using the online platform, then you are more likely to improve your turn over sales.

As a matter of fact, most people living in Singapore are quickly moving to online sales and purchasing at a rate that shows no significant signs of slowing down. As more and more people prefer using their mobile devices to connect with buyers and sellers, it leaves marketers with no choice, but to improve their marketing efforts to meet the ever-increasing online customers. In other words, the culture of communication has changed drastically, and marketers need to understand how their prospective buyers or customers prefer to communicate. Whether it is text, video, email, social, coupons, and many more, the truth of the matter is that is the online mobile marketing is heading to an unchartered territory. In other words, marketers need to know that if their brands presenting for sale via online media is not smart enough, it could potentially be ruining the brand as well as the customers.

Well, it is very possible that entrepreneurs miss a mark in connecting with customers because their mobile marketing strategy is worrying and full of pitfalls, perhaps the online marketer missed some few critical components. However, there are eight key tips and components for effective mobile strategies that you need to think about before you start embarking on a mobile marketing initiative. Remember, if any of the below mentioned tips are off the mark, there are high chances that are going to fail to connect with your esteemed customers and probably, you might even push them further away from the conversation! Without further ado, the following are the top eight tips on mobile marketing:

#1. Find the right mobile marketing partner

Absolutely, finding the right mobile partner is the backbone to the success of mobile marketing. Inherently, hiring an agency that lacks the expertise to do the job is nothing worse that poor decision and a complete failure concerning online marketing. The tip here is that, you need to get the right mobile company that understands and have proper strategies to mobile marketing and technologies. In addition, you need to consider hiring a mobile partner that has a robust team of customer centric service providers. 

#2. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and act like an intelligent brand
One of the common mistakes in matters related to marketing is to allow your mobile marketing to have a negative impact on your sales. Indeed, you need to make sure that this does not happen at any given time; it is highly advisable that you take the advantage of your available data sets. This information is vital since it will help you to understand your customer. In most cases, you are supposed to be communicating to them via their mobile devices in a manner that is precise, excites, and engages them to drive an effort to make a purchase. In general, the tip here is that you act like an intelligent brand as you think like a customer. 

#3. Assess your readiness before embarking on mobile marketing

Before you spend your money in mobile marketing, you need provide a reasonable answer to this question,” are you ready for mobile marketing?” Remember, there is reason whatsoever for driving customers or clients to your mobile brand (whether it is your mobile app or website) if you are not in a position to create an outstanding mobile experience for the customer. In other words, knowing exactly what you want from online marketing options and the objectives for your mobile marketing campaigns helps building strategic marketing plans.

#4. Launch a user-friendly mobile app for your website

As stated in the introductory section, hundreds and thousands of people are using smartphones on a daily basis. Ideally, most businesses in Singapore have a live website where customers and markets meet to make a purchase and/or sales. Customers find it quite daunting if they visit your website and realize that the site is not optimized for mobile devices. The punch line here is that, a successful mobile marketing strategy requires user-friendly mobile apps. 

#5. Keep your mobile site easy and simple to navigate

Coming up with a mobile app for your business website is not enough, you need to go a little further and make sure that mobile site is highly navigable. Indeed, mobile users are best targeted with the help of simple mobile apps that has a simple call to actions presented in a way that is easy to navigate. Remember, you risk losing a potential customer if you mobile app takes more than ten seconds to load! 

#6. Share relevant contents on mobile apps

Constant communications to customers is inevitable if you need to create an awareness of a new product, price reduction, or any other changes that relates marketing. At any time, you need to share relevant information about your brand. Otherwise, irrelevant content are quite annoying and can lead to loss of revenue in terms of poor sales.

#7. Engage your online customers
Mobile marketing is all about having a direct communication with your customers. However, this cannot be achieved if there is nothing driving them to your online mobile app. Nowadays, offering discounts and coupons are some of the best options that calls for action for the customer’s side. Indeed, flash sales and other incentives make your mobile marketing live and real.

#8. Avoid poor timing of communication 

If you need to stay relevant in your communication with your customers, you need to pay attention to the timing of communication. Whether it is a social post, an email, or a text message, considering on the perfect time to share the information is crucial. A text message delivered at dinnertime informing customers of a lunch special is just one of few examples of poor communication timing.


The above are some the best tips on mobile marketing. Indeed, most successful online marketers are those who actively engage in mobile marketing. The punch line here is that you need to apply some of the above tips if you need to remain relevant amount mobile users. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

8 Tips When Creating Valet Service App

The popularity of mobile app is increasing rapidly and these days you can find an app for almost everything. That applies for valet services as well and you can have an app for this requirement as well. In fact, there are certain apps that can help you get the valet service as per your specific requirement. In case, you are planning to create a new valet service app, then you need to keep few suggestions in your mind. For your reference here are 8 tips when creating valet service app from scratch.

Easy to work: When you create the valet service app, then make sure you make it easy to work. If people are looking for a valet service then that means they want to reduce their troubles and if your app is not easy to use, then it won’t do any good for them. In this situation, they would prefer not to use the mobile app for their use and your valet service app will not give any profit to you either. That is why, when you create this app, make sure it is easy to work and anyone can access it with one hand.

Clear fonts: Mostly people do the searching for valet service while driving and that means they can’t zoom into your application. If your valet service does not have easy to view font, then it will be completely useless and baseless for your customer. At the other hand if their font are visible and easy to read even from a distance and does not any zooming, then it will be a good thing for your use. So, keep that thing also in your mind while created a valet service app for your business or any other requirement.

Online payment option: If you are taking money for your valet service, then you should give freedom to your clients for online payment. If they need to pay the money separately, then they may not like the overall idea and they may prefer not to use it. There are plenty of solutions or mobile payment gateways available that you can try and you can get great outcome as well with that. Also those applications will make sure you get the payment gateway integration in a safe manner. That is why, when you create the app, keep the security in your mind. This will help the user to pay easily and more confidently .

GPS mapping: Your client or customer would not like if valet person need to make a call again and again to the client for reaching that destination. Your valet service application should have a gps sharing option so client can share his gps location to drop or pick up his vehicle. That will help him get the best user experience and this will also help the individual or people that are going to do the work for you. It will also make sure your client or app users do not waste much time on the road and he get quick response from you.

Voice command: This is another important feature that you should have in your mobile app. If you are driving and you have your phone on the holder of your car, then you can use valet service using voice command as well. The good thing about voice command feature is that you can do the booking without even touching your phone and you can get good results as well. If you will have voice command in your app, then it will help users and you will get the better outcome as well in really smart manner.

Special comment: There should be a place for special comment and it should have feature to assign people as well. For example, if a person want to say or give some special comment to the drive, then eh can assign the comment to driver using app. If he want to assign the comment to manager or someone else there should be a button for that as well in the valet service app. That will help the user to feel more connected and he will also feel that he is getting value from the service provider. That will be an essential feature that can help many users in a great way.

Drop and pickup button: There Should be easy pickup and drop button on the home screen of your valet service app. That easy to access button will make it easy for you. And when users touch the pickup and drop button, then he should get a timer for the reaching for person. That will make the user calm and he will know that he is being taken care. He will know you are taking him seriously and that will make sure he get happy feeling from you. You can add the button with gps location as well to make sure your people can reach there on time.

Do your research: Each and every location can have different requirement and you cannot generalize a valet service app from every location. So, it is strongly recommended that you do your research and you find out all the things related to this. When you will do this research, then you will be able to explore other factors and you can get the better outcome in this without any issue. You can do this research with the help of internet, you can do some surveys, you can talk to people or you can talk to experts as well. The source of researches can be different, but one thing is certain that if you do it right, then you can get good outcome as well.

So, when you think about creating valet service app for your business, then make sure you keep above 8 tips in your mind. And this is certain, if you can keep it in your mind, then you will be able to get the best outcome as well and you will have no complication or troubles also accessing the data of your mobile app.

Friday, 15 July 2016

8 Important Tips When Building A Mobile App

As technology continue to change the world in almost every aspects, a need for new products and new ways of doing things arise. Today the usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have surpassed the number the desktops, in the market, the sales of mobile devices are significantly high and rising, this is because everybody want portable devices that can perform virtually anything they want. The high usage of mobile devices means that it is significantly important to have a mobile app, this is because the trends on how people do their everyday activities is changing, mobile have changed the way of doing things in almost all the industries starting from business, medical, legal and many others. 

As the need for mobile apps raises, it is imperative to have mobile apps that stand out and most importantly they solve the intended problem in the best way possible, the basis of achieving this starts right at the development stage, it is not something that happens after the mobile app is in the market. This article focus on 8 important tips to consider when building a mobile app, these tips will help develop competitive apps that meet the intended goal/objective.

1. Research
As with many other projects planning is imperative and for effective planning, research has to be carried out to understand the market, the problem to be solved and the solution. Through the different development stages research will help develop the app in the best way possible, analytics tools helps the developers understand the market better and the performance of the app, for example, as a developer you will understand the number of daily active users, app crashes and the time the users spend on the app. The information is important during the development stage and even after the app is launched as it will help in maintaining the app.

2. Effective project management
Many developers have impeccable development skill but lack the skill required to manage the entire project in terms of time and resources. Successful projects take more than development skill; project management is an area that can’t be overlooked, it is a necessary ingredient in the development of a mobile app. Clearly outlining the time to be spent in every stage of development and strictly adhering to that schedule is crucial. Research shows that a lot of apps are completed and presented past the set date of completion, this can have severe implications on the app as the users could be already expecting the app but after failing to deliver the app, that may lead to losing of trust, competition is another factor that may impact negatively on the app if delivered late. As a developer, it is good to learn some project management concept to help you manage the entire project and deliver the mobile app on time.

3. The user interface
When developing a mobile app it is imperative to invest time and resources to design and develop a user-friendly interface. The end goal of any mobile app is to be used by human being and in most cases users want an interface they can understand, a simple interface that helps them accomplish their tasks in the minimum clicks possible ( easily and fast), this is made possible by investing time and resources to come up with a design that will enable smooth usage of the app. Studies show that around 26% of apps are only opened once by the customers users due to their complexity, hence, it is extremely important to develop an app that users perceives as simple to use. A user-friendly app will help achieve the end goal as the targeted users will find it easy to use the mobile app.

As I mentioned earlier, the single most important factor to consider is planning. Planning involves planning on the monetization of the mobile app, this is because it may impact on the design of the mobile app. When developing the app you should consider monetization, many developers might think that selling the app at high prices is the best way for the app to earn money, contrary to this, many popular mobile apps today are free, some sell ads others will deduct some percentage of revenue earned from services consumed by the users. There are different strategies to earn with the mobile app, the most important thing is to understand the objectives of the app and hence plan on an effective monetization strategy that will not alter or hinder usage of the app.

5. Developing to solve a problem by offering innovative and effective features (efficiency)
Avoid developing an app for the sake of developing an app, target on increasing user efficiency in whatever you app is intended to do. Make your app offer solutions not create problems with buggy and slow app. The mobile app should have unique features that help users accomplish what they need efficiently. Speed should be one of the consideration when developing an app; users will not stick to slow mobile apps.

6. Choose a platform (targeting)
Avoid developing for multiple platforms at once, focus on a single platform that will help reach your audience. Targeting is one of the most important things if you want to “drive the point home”, know your target audience and know which platform you can reach them with, then dedicate your efforts to developing a mobile app for that platform.

7. Work with a budget
When building a mobile app, there might be many costs, but the most important thing is to remember to work within the set budget. Working within the budget is significantly important as it will impact the overall cost of the building the app hence the cost of the app.

8. Focus on your marketing strategy
Apart from the factors related to the actual development, the other single factor that has loose ties to the development of the app is marketing, as you build the app keep the wheels of marketing in motion. Marketing will help establish the app in the market, get more customers, make the app competitive and help build a strong brand. This is important in today’s competitive market as it will help the app become popular to the relevant audience despite the competition.

The above tips will help develop an app that will be successful and apps that will compete favourably in the market as well as meet the set goals and objectives.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Should You Invest In Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is the process by which the application software for handheld devices such as enterprise digital assistance, personal digital assistance and mobile phones are created. In the recent years, mobile app has greatly advanced. This is because it has gained popularity due to widespread of both mobile digital devices and Smartphones. Through these devices, internet connectivity is enabled. Hence, most of the businesses have considered using this type of mobile applications for technological advancement.

Advantages of mobile app development

When you develop a mobile application, it will enable you to reach a wider range of your clients who doesn’t have access to computers and those who don’t have large machines. In addition to that, people who are not able to access a cyber shop will benefit from the mobile app.

Another advantage of the mobile app development is the fact that you will be in a position to check on the application frequently. As compared to those who use other interfaces, you can stay for a longer time when you use the mobile app. Nevertheless, consumers are more likely to respond to the technological savvy business.

With the mobile app development, you can get accessed to applications which are much faster than ordinary web pages. Internet users can become frustrated with slow lading pages. It can even cost a company new customers.

Most of the applications also allow access of some data when it is offline. An example of the mobile app include: gallery images from the preceding blog sessions. With the technological advancement, the applications are highly accessible. In fact, all the operating systems on the mobile devices contain an application store. This is where new apps are accessible. Moreover, the applications are used for generating great amounts of user information for creation of target markets.

Mobile app development is also beneficial due to the fact that it is cost effective. You can buy an app with little money.

Disadvantages of mobile app development

For compatibility with operating system, the application requires tweaks. This makes it to be both time consuming and costly. As compared to general websites, it is the expectation of the application software to regularly have new material. For example the application user expects the updates of new photographs of fresh items at every instance they log in. this may seem unrealistic especially when it comes to management of the app. Even tough it seems unrealistic to the employees who are managing the app, the expectations of the mobile app. are the same as those of a social network website. The application normally needs frequent updates as well as hand on monitoring. For keeping users interested, there should be regular enhancement. As a result, it will require a lot of effort and money

Reasons why you need develop mobile app 

As mentioned above, mobile apps offer a very rare opportunity to the businesses. This will not only widen their reach but also their services are enhanced. The mobile apps also offer much greater high powered computers. This will strengthen the customer base.

One can be able to engage the clients more intimately with the mobile app. Hence, the customer’s experience will be personalized by using interactive features.

With the application software, the customer’s support will be very simple in operation. Thus, it will run smoothly. With a proper tool application, the clients will be allowed to seek assistance as well as receiving feedback in real time efficiently.

Serious mistakes which you need to avoid when developing a booking app for a taxi 

In Singapore, most of the people are using taxis for tourist destinations or traveling to work places among other duties. The mobile application industry has expanded substantially in that country for the last few years. This has motivated programmers to develop applications which will satisfy the customer’s needs. Unfortunately, there are various businesses which can result in the apps not taking off according to their expectation. The taxi booking app is an example of those. The company has attributed to a number of mistakes during the developing stages: The following are some of the faults which you need to avoid:

Simultaneous building for multiple partners 
Millions of applications such as windows app store, Google play and apple app store are currently available. This has led to increase in the competition in the market. Thus, developers are turning to multiple application platforms. For making the changes, they have to incur an additional cost. This will make you use a lot of money. It is advisable to make the changes in the platform slowly. What you need to do is to launch a mobile application on a single platform.

Use of apps which are bloated 
After choosing a particular platform, ensure that there are a set mobile innovative features. This will act as MVP (minimum viable product). The application’s median version should prove that it is really working. Nevertheless, a person should make sure that the customers and the market are ready. During the initial stages, slow or buggy application will be experienced. So as to be successful, discuss every thing with your developer or programmer about your requirements and expectation. This will give the programmer a hint of what you expect.

Skimming on user experience 
It is very vital to invest a lot of time and resources to develop the best user interface for the taxi booking app. The mobile app interface should be simple and self explanatory. In addition to that, your clients should instantly know how to use the application. Recent statistics has indicated that twenty -six percent of the mobile apps are only opened once by the customers because of complexity. It is therefore significant to include special features in the mobile application. This will make the users to be amazed while they launched the mobile application.


the above are the major benefits of mobile app developments. even-tough there are some disadvantages. the benefits outweighs the limitations. therefore, it is very vital go for this application software. also, you need to put into consideration the common mistakes highlighted.