Sunday, 12 June 2016

Should You Invest In Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is the process by which the application software for handheld devices such as enterprise digital assistance, personal digital assistance and mobile phones are created. In the recent years, mobile app has greatly advanced. This is because it has gained popularity due to widespread of both mobile digital devices and Smartphones. Through these devices, internet connectivity is enabled. Hence, most of the businesses have considered using this type of mobile applications for technological advancement.

Advantages of mobile app development

When you develop a mobile application, it will enable you to reach a wider range of your clients who doesn’t have access to computers and those who don’t have large machines. In addition to that, people who are not able to access a cyber shop will benefit from the mobile app.

Another advantage of the mobile app development is the fact that you will be in a position to check on the application frequently. As compared to those who use other interfaces, you can stay for a longer time when you use the mobile app. Nevertheless, consumers are more likely to respond to the technological savvy business.

With the mobile app development, you can get accessed to applications which are much faster than ordinary web pages. Internet users can become frustrated with slow lading pages. It can even cost a company new customers.

Most of the applications also allow access of some data when it is offline. An example of the mobile app include: gallery images from the preceding blog sessions. With the technological advancement, the applications are highly accessible. In fact, all the operating systems on the mobile devices contain an application store. This is where new apps are accessible. Moreover, the applications are used for generating great amounts of user information for creation of target markets.

Mobile app development is also beneficial due to the fact that it is cost effective. You can buy an app with little money.

Disadvantages of mobile app development

For compatibility with operating system, the application requires tweaks. This makes it to be both time consuming and costly. As compared to general websites, it is the expectation of the application software to regularly have new material. For example the application user expects the updates of new photographs of fresh items at every instance they log in. this may seem unrealistic especially when it comes to management of the app. Even tough it seems unrealistic to the employees who are managing the app, the expectations of the mobile app. are the same as those of a social network website. The application normally needs frequent updates as well as hand on monitoring. For keeping users interested, there should be regular enhancement. As a result, it will require a lot of effort and money

Reasons why you need develop mobile app 

As mentioned above, mobile apps offer a very rare opportunity to the businesses. This will not only widen their reach but also their services are enhanced. The mobile apps also offer much greater high powered computers. This will strengthen the customer base.

One can be able to engage the clients more intimately with the mobile app. Hence, the customer’s experience will be personalized by using interactive features.

With the application software, the customer’s support will be very simple in operation. Thus, it will run smoothly. With a proper tool application, the clients will be allowed to seek assistance as well as receiving feedback in real time efficiently.

Serious mistakes which you need to avoid when developing a booking app for a taxi 

In Singapore, most of the people are using taxis for tourist destinations or traveling to work places among other duties. The mobile application industry has expanded substantially in that country for the last few years. This has motivated programmers to develop applications which will satisfy the customer’s needs. Unfortunately, there are various businesses which can result in the apps not taking off according to their expectation. The taxi booking app is an example of those. The company has attributed to a number of mistakes during the developing stages: The following are some of the faults which you need to avoid:

Simultaneous building for multiple partners 
Millions of applications such as windows app store, Google play and apple app store are currently available. This has led to increase in the competition in the market. Thus, developers are turning to multiple application platforms. For making the changes, they have to incur an additional cost. This will make you use a lot of money. It is advisable to make the changes in the platform slowly. What you need to do is to launch a mobile application on a single platform.

Use of apps which are bloated 
After choosing a particular platform, ensure that there are a set mobile innovative features. This will act as MVP (minimum viable product). The application’s median version should prove that it is really working. Nevertheless, a person should make sure that the customers and the market are ready. During the initial stages, slow or buggy application will be experienced. So as to be successful, discuss every thing with your developer or programmer about your requirements and expectation. This will give the programmer a hint of what you expect.

Skimming on user experience 
It is very vital to invest a lot of time and resources to develop the best user interface for the taxi booking app. The mobile app interface should be simple and self explanatory. In addition to that, your clients should instantly know how to use the application. Recent statistics has indicated that twenty -six percent of the mobile apps are only opened once by the customers because of complexity. It is therefore significant to include special features in the mobile application. This will make the users to be amazed while they launched the mobile application.


the above are the major benefits of mobile app developments. even-tough there are some disadvantages. the benefits outweighs the limitations. therefore, it is very vital go for this application software. also, you need to put into consideration the common mistakes highlighted.