Friday, 15 July 2016

8 Important Tips When Building A Mobile App

As technology continue to change the world in almost every aspects, a need for new products and new ways of doing things arise. Today the usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have surpassed the number the desktops, in the market, the sales of mobile devices are significantly high and rising, this is because everybody want portable devices that can perform virtually anything they want. The high usage of mobile devices means that it is significantly important to have a mobile app, this is because the trends on how people do their everyday activities is changing, mobile have changed the way of doing things in almost all the industries starting from business, medical, legal and many others. 

As the need for mobile apps raises, it is imperative to have mobile apps that stand out and most importantly they solve the intended problem in the best way possible, the basis of achieving this starts right at the development stage, it is not something that happens after the mobile app is in the market. This article focus on 8 important tips to consider when building a mobile app, these tips will help develop competitive apps that meet the intended goal/objective.

1. Research
As with many other projects planning is imperative and for effective planning, research has to be carried out to understand the market, the problem to be solved and the solution. Through the different development stages research will help develop the app in the best way possible, analytics tools helps the developers understand the market better and the performance of the app, for example, as a developer you will understand the number of daily active users, app crashes and the time the users spend on the app. The information is important during the development stage and even after the app is launched as it will help in maintaining the app.

2. Effective project management
Many developers have impeccable development skill but lack the skill required to manage the entire project in terms of time and resources. Successful projects take more than development skill; project management is an area that can’t be overlooked, it is a necessary ingredient in the development of a mobile app. Clearly outlining the time to be spent in every stage of development and strictly adhering to that schedule is crucial. Research shows that a lot of apps are completed and presented past the set date of completion, this can have severe implications on the app as the users could be already expecting the app but after failing to deliver the app, that may lead to losing of trust, competition is another factor that may impact negatively on the app if delivered late. As a developer, it is good to learn some project management concept to help you manage the entire project and deliver the mobile app on time.

3. The user interface
When developing a mobile app it is imperative to invest time and resources to design and develop a user-friendly interface. The end goal of any mobile app is to be used by human being and in most cases users want an interface they can understand, a simple interface that helps them accomplish their tasks in the minimum clicks possible ( easily and fast), this is made possible by investing time and resources to come up with a design that will enable smooth usage of the app. Studies show that around 26% of apps are only opened once by the customers users due to their complexity, hence, it is extremely important to develop an app that users perceives as simple to use. A user-friendly app will help achieve the end goal as the targeted users will find it easy to use the mobile app.

As I mentioned earlier, the single most important factor to consider is planning. Planning involves planning on the monetization of the mobile app, this is because it may impact on the design of the mobile app. When developing the app you should consider monetization, many developers might think that selling the app at high prices is the best way for the app to earn money, contrary to this, many popular mobile apps today are free, some sell ads others will deduct some percentage of revenue earned from services consumed by the users. There are different strategies to earn with the mobile app, the most important thing is to understand the objectives of the app and hence plan on an effective monetization strategy that will not alter or hinder usage of the app.

5. Developing to solve a problem by offering innovative and effective features (efficiency)
Avoid developing an app for the sake of developing an app, target on increasing user efficiency in whatever you app is intended to do. Make your app offer solutions not create problems with buggy and slow app. The mobile app should have unique features that help users accomplish what they need efficiently. Speed should be one of the consideration when developing an app; users will not stick to slow mobile apps.

6. Choose a platform (targeting)
Avoid developing for multiple platforms at once, focus on a single platform that will help reach your audience. Targeting is one of the most important things if you want to “drive the point home”, know your target audience and know which platform you can reach them with, then dedicate your efforts to developing a mobile app for that platform.

7. Work with a budget
When building a mobile app, there might be many costs, but the most important thing is to remember to work within the set budget. Working within the budget is significantly important as it will impact the overall cost of the building the app hence the cost of the app.

8. Focus on your marketing strategy
Apart from the factors related to the actual development, the other single factor that has loose ties to the development of the app is marketing, as you build the app keep the wheels of marketing in motion. Marketing will help establish the app in the market, get more customers, make the app competitive and help build a strong brand. This is important in today’s competitive market as it will help the app become popular to the relevant audience despite the competition.

The above tips will help develop an app that will be successful and apps that will compete favourably in the market as well as meet the set goals and objectives.