Saturday, 13 August 2016

8 Tips When Creating Valet Service App

The popularity of mobile app is increasing rapidly and these days you can find an app for almost everything. That applies for valet services as well and you can have an app for this requirement as well. In fact, there are certain apps that can help you get the valet service as per your specific requirement. In case, you are planning to create a new valet service app, then you need to keep few suggestions in your mind. For your reference here are 8 tips when creating valet service app from scratch.

Easy to work: When you create the valet service app, then make sure you make it easy to work. If people are looking for a valet service then that means they want to reduce their troubles and if your app is not easy to use, then it won’t do any good for them. In this situation, they would prefer not to use the mobile app for their use and your valet service app will not give any profit to you either. That is why, when you create this app, make sure it is easy to work and anyone can access it with one hand.

Clear fonts: Mostly people do the searching for valet service while driving and that means they can’t zoom into your application. If your valet service does not have easy to view font, then it will be completely useless and baseless for your customer. At the other hand if their font are visible and easy to read even from a distance and does not any zooming, then it will be a good thing for your use. So, keep that thing also in your mind while created a valet service app for your business or any other requirement.

Online payment option: If you are taking money for your valet service, then you should give freedom to your clients for online payment. If they need to pay the money separately, then they may not like the overall idea and they may prefer not to use it. There are plenty of solutions or mobile payment gateways available that you can try and you can get great outcome as well with that. Also those applications will make sure you get the payment gateway integration in a safe manner. That is why, when you create the app, keep the security in your mind. This will help the user to pay easily and more confidently .

GPS mapping: Your client or customer would not like if valet person need to make a call again and again to the client for reaching that destination. Your valet service application should have a gps sharing option so client can share his gps location to drop or pick up his vehicle. That will help him get the best user experience and this will also help the individual or people that are going to do the work for you. It will also make sure your client or app users do not waste much time on the road and he get quick response from you.

Voice command: This is another important feature that you should have in your mobile app. If you are driving and you have your phone on the holder of your car, then you can use valet service using voice command as well. The good thing about voice command feature is that you can do the booking without even touching your phone and you can get good results as well. If you will have voice command in your app, then it will help users and you will get the better outcome as well in really smart manner.

Special comment: There should be a place for special comment and it should have feature to assign people as well. For example, if a person want to say or give some special comment to the drive, then eh can assign the comment to driver using app. If he want to assign the comment to manager or someone else there should be a button for that as well in the valet service app. That will help the user to feel more connected and he will also feel that he is getting value from the service provider. That will be an essential feature that can help many users in a great way.

Drop and pickup button: There Should be easy pickup and drop button on the home screen of your valet service app. That easy to access button will make it easy for you. And when users touch the pickup and drop button, then he should get a timer for the reaching for person. That will make the user calm and he will know that he is being taken care. He will know you are taking him seriously and that will make sure he get happy feeling from you. You can add the button with gps location as well to make sure your people can reach there on time.

Do your research: Each and every location can have different requirement and you cannot generalize a valet service app from every location. So, it is strongly recommended that you do your research and you find out all the things related to this. When you will do this research, then you will be able to explore other factors and you can get the better outcome in this without any issue. You can do this research with the help of internet, you can do some surveys, you can talk to people or you can talk to experts as well. The source of researches can be different, but one thing is certain that if you do it right, then you can get good outcome as well.

So, when you think about creating valet service app for your business, then make sure you keep above 8 tips in your mind. And this is certain, if you can keep it in your mind, then you will be able to get the best outcome as well and you will have no complication or troubles also accessing the data of your mobile app.