Saturday, 15 October 2016

Everything You Need To Know About App Building For SME

Now more than ever most business are making themselves smart phone friendly and taping into the world of app development to further promote their products. If done correctly the rewards can be lucrative.

Building an app for your business takes a lot of planning and consideration, as well as a strong creative team with lots of fresh ideas and a unique vision. The team has to create an innovative user-friendly app, with consistently increasing download rate, therefore generating more and more clients and making people aware of the product. Any business thinking of doing that successfully needs to have a solid and structure app development plan to make sure they reap the rewards.

· Firstly, you need to know why you want to create an app and what purpose it would serve. Will it offer a solution or do you want to tap into a particular niche service or product? If you want to attract and maintain your user base your app must have a functional purpose. With so many apps on offer people simply don’t have time for useless apps, so this is the first and major question you need to answer.

· Secondly – who are your target audience? As an SME it is absolutely essential to know who your target audience are and point your advertising and marketing budgets targeting the right people. This will save you a lot of time and money and moreover it will give you a clearer idea of what type of app you need to develop.

· Depending on what time of business you are, a well-developed intuitive app can provide users with information.
 Then they can make payments quickly and easily and will allow your business to be noticed and stay competitive in the era of the digital.

· Good apps engage users and keep their interest for much longer than a banner or a TV ad.
When the user interacts with the app they are already invested and if you keep their attention for longer than seven seconds they are 78% more likely to covert to a regular customer.

· With the consistent rise of social media consumers want to engage with brands and services they require on a day-to-day basis, they want to save time and use it more efficiently with the use of mobile apps.
For example, there’s been a huge increase in fin tech apps such as mobile payments and payment sharing – it saves time, it has a clear purpose, therefore the user will return again and again. 

· For a small business it is a lot more beneficial to make a one off investment into app development, especially if you’re working with bookings, online payments etc and save yourself time and money by reducing the numbers of staff you would have needed to take orders and process payments otherwise.
One simple algorithm and you make the users and you life easier simply by eliminating the middleman. The user literally has your service at their fingertips. 

· Small, and you can go as far as local size businesses need apps to be able to reach their customers 24/7. 

· To maintain a well functioning app you must listen to your customer feed back and take every point into account.
A good user experience is what keeps the customer coming back again and again. 

· Make sure you app is unique and simple.
No one wants to spend ages figuring out how to use an app – a mobile app is there to make our lives easier, not the other way around. If the user has to spend more than three minutes figuring out how to use an app, they most likely won’t return, as they will see it as a waste of time. Keep it simple and clean cut.

· Mobile apps are a great form of marketing your business.
if an average person has around 30 apps installed on their device you are only competing with 30 other apps. Imagine how competitive all the other marketing fields are such as banners or TV ads?

· If your business has anything to do with sales or products tap into the market of mobile payments.
They are simply the next big thing. Mobile payments is what everyone wants and needs to make their lives easier – if you can make your users life easier they will remain a loyal customer.

· To make sure your app works properly and reaches the correct audience create a beta version and test it on friends and family.
The last thing you want is a malfunctioning app going out into the world – that is simply setting yourself up for failure before you even began the race. 

· Pricing your app correctly is a major point.
The majority of apps which serve a purpose and not designed purely for entertainment are free. You create revenue through ads, commission from payments and user purchases. 

· Your business can benefit from a strategically developed app in a variety of ways from earning extra cash from ads and in-app purchases to reaching new audiences and promoting your products and services.
Although your app will serve a purpose to the end user, it is a great way of not in your face advertising of your product and a constant reminder to the user that you exist.  

· Having your company on your customers phone and making yourself known through push or sms notifications can quickly put you ahead of competition and build a strong and loyal customer base.

· You app must focus on solving either personal or business problems for the end user.
Apps that can solve business problems will allow their users to accomplish more in less time, use their resources more efficiently and present a much more professional image to its customers. 

· To create a truly unique and user friendly you must invest into a good developer who listens to your needs, answers all your questions and has ideas and vision about how the app will operate.
Furthermore, you app must work on different platforms – IOS, Android, iPad as well as desktops. When hiring a developer make sure you ask for a mobile first app – they will know what you mean, and if not, find a new developer.